Fishy Titles for Kids

Titles in our curio this week are children’s books on fish and fishing.  If you have a young person that’s a little fishy, stop in to check out some of these featured titles: Gone Fishing: Ocean Life by the Numbers by David McLimans counts 1 to 10, and then back again. Bold sea creatures in the shape of numbers educate young and old about imperiled marine life.  Fishing in a Brook by Lawson Drinkard offers fishing terminology and friendly graphics, so kids from 6 to 106 can learn something about the sport.  Great for someone fishing for the first time.  Freshwater Fish & Fishing by Jim Arnosky describes various species of common freshwater fish.  Realistic sketches illustrate how to make various artificial baits such as cork popping bugs and spoon lures.  For the older child.


Les Paul Title for 4th & 5th Grade

“Explore the stories of real Wisconsin people” through Badger Biographies Series published by the Wisconsin State Historical Society.  These books for 4th and 5th graders feature “famous and not-so-famous people that made a difference in our history”.  A 2012 addition to this series, Les Paul: Guitar Wizard, is now in our collection.  Born in Waukesha, WI Paul was a musician and inventor.  Paul learned at an early age how to take apart contraptions and put them back together, including a radio, a record player and a player piano!  Designed for teachers and students, the book includes a reading group guide with activities, Les’s Timeline, and a glossary of terms.  Great black and white photos accompany this enjoyable life’s story.