Large Print Titles Just In

If you enjoy reading books that have larger than normal print, check out our recent additions.  Included are such titles as Plain Perfect by Beth Wiseman, Brother Odd by Dean Koontz, The Planting Season by Dorothy Garlock, and The Hearse You Came In On by Tim Cockey.

A total of twenty-one titles are on our shelves thanks to a new program!

The books are part of a traveling collection in the Southwest Wisconsin Library System.  Participating libraries will enjoy new titles throughout the year.  It’s a win for readers, and it helps each library save money.


Local Events? Contact us

If you have a local event that your Lone Rock neighbors need to hear about, contact the library – 608-583-2034 or  We will post the information on our web page.  Include the name of the event, the time and date, the details, and contact information that people might use to find out more.

Free Pool and Bus on August 15th

Last Pool Day – Wed. August 15th!

The Swim Bus to Spring Green Pool ~

  • Who:Children without caregivers/parents must be at least 8 years old and a strong swimmer (able to swim without floaties).
  • Parents must sign a permission slip (available at the library).
  • Where: The bus leaves the library parking lot at 12:40 pm and returns at 3:20 pm.
  • Cost: Bus and Pool are Free while funding lasts!
  • Bus will not run in inclement weather.

Programming on the way

Thanks to Tina Temby for providing the Create-a-Card session.  Children made 2 cards using stamps, card stock, glue and bubbles. Watch this blog for a second session in mid-July. Tina is working on another great idea!

Wisconsin Library Memorabilia on Display

On display for June, is Wisconsin Library Memorabilia, an exhibit of the Wisconsin Library Heritage Center (WLHC) –  The exhibit features plates and other dainty pieces transfer-printed with pictures of a variety of libraries from around the state.  It’s just a portion of a large collection of souvenir items belonging to Larry Nix, retired librarian, library history buff and curator for the WLHC.