New Fiction and Non-Fiction

Learning From the Octopus by Rafe Sagarin. Sagarin analyses some of the big risks in our everyday world, such as terrorism and ecological disaster, and studies the adaptations of living organisms for answers to modern day threats.  “Fish don’t try to turn sharks into vegetarians. Living immersed in a world of constant risk forces the fish to develop multiple ways of living with risk, rather than try to eliminate it.” The author leaps a bit from example to example.  Barefoot running, water management in Los Angeles, the walls on our Mexican border. The reader will find it challenging to keep up with Sagarin, a marine biologist turned security expert.

Trail of the Spellman’s by Lisa Lutz (the fifth in the series).  From the cover: Lisa Lutz has delivered another knockout adventure in what Library Journal has deemed a “side-splitting series”. The quirky and hilarious family of sleuths provides entertainment for days, and Izzy’s uncommon, unforgettable, undeniably addictive voice leads the way.”  The library has the series so stop in for books one through five!