Non-Fiction in July

New non-fiction titles waiting just for you: Francis Mondimore M.D. is out with a 3rd edition of his work, Bipolar Disorder: a Guide for Patients and Families. Mondimore discusses symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, current thought on possible causes, and suggestions for staying healthy and living with the disorder. In Ask a Science Teacher, author and teacher Larry Scheckel  provides “250 answers to questions you’ve always had about how everyday stuff really works.” Doc Scheckel as he is known in Tomah circles taught physics and aerospace science for over 38 years. His book is written in question/answer format. What makes our eyes go bad? How close can you get to the sun without burning up? Why doesn’t soap taste as good as it smells? Lots of answers for the curious! National Geographic is out with a large picture book for adults, Life on the Rocks: a Portrait of the American Mountain Goat by Bruce L. Smith. These are beautiful animals on a wild landscape.