Puzzle Follow-up

The Cobble Hill Puzzle Company has graciously donated three lovely puzzles, just in time for holiday get-togethers. If you know a puzzlemaker that has difficulty managing a puzzle with lots of pieces, these puzzles are the perfect solution. Designed for easy handling, the 275 count puzzles have large, sturdy pieces to make the activity more enjoyable.

The family puzzle is a new concept! Large pieces on one side for children’s hands, and smaller pieces on the other side for grown-ups.  Everyone can contribute! Add a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows and you’ll be set for the afternoon.

Check one out today!


Puzzled by Puzzles

Recently, we purchased some fun puzzles second-hand from an enthusiastic puzzle maker. I was curious about puzzle manufacturers, and visited a couple websites to find out what I could about our puzzles.

Waiting for a TrainWaiting for the Train (Cobble Hill Puzzles)

Since 2005, Cobble Hill Puzzle Company has been focused on providing puzzles to toy markets in Canada and the USA. Their site, http://www.cobblehillpuzzles.com/ describes the quality of their puzzles. “After each image is picked, we take care to use the finest inks and varnishes creating a desirably crisp image. The random-cut pieces are precision engineered to ensure a sturdy, interlocking fit, which lends to its museum quality standard. Built to last, our puzzles are made from premium grade blue board and even the box has a beautiful linen finish.” The library purchased Waiting for the Train (Cobble Hill Puzzles).


Bee Hive Bee Hive by Peter Church (Ceaco Puzzles)

Did you know that puzzle manufacturers need to meet health and safety standards set forth by the U.S. and other countries? Ceaco, a puzzle company that’s been around since 1987 provides brief safety reports for their individual puzzles at their website http://www.ceaco.com! Ceaco’s mission is “To create high quality, innovative and challenging jigsaw puzzles and to provide hours of family fun.” They also pride themselves in maintaining relationships with the many artists that create the wonderful illustrations, photos and paintings for their puzzles. 100s of artists contribute their works so that you and I can enjoy these tabletop treasures. Ceaco’s site features 35 artists with photos and a brief bio for each. We’ve purchased Bee Hive by Artist Peter Church (2013).

Non-Fiction in July

New non-fiction titles waiting just for you: Francis Mondimore M.D. is out with a 3rd edition of his work, Bipolar Disorder: a Guide for Patients and Families. Mondimore discusses symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, current thought on possible causes, and suggestions for staying healthy and living with the disorder. In Ask a Science Teacher, author and teacher Larry Scheckel  provides “250 answers to questions you’ve always had about how everyday stuff really works.” Doc Scheckel as he is known in Tomah circles taught physics and aerospace science for over 38 years. His book is written in question/answer format. What makes our eyes go bad? How close can you get to the sun without burning up? Why doesn’t soap taste as good as it smells? Lots of answers for the curious! National Geographic is out with a large picture book for adults, Life on the Rocks: a Portrait of the American Mountain Goat by Bruce L. Smith. These are beautiful animals on a wild landscape.


Fiction in July

Fiction titles are waiting for a reader: The author of Lonesome Dove, Larry McMurtry has a new western you may have heard about. The Last Kind Words Saloon features well-known legends Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday and their lives on a changing western landscape. J.K. Rowling writing as Robert Galbraith has a new crime novel, Silkworm. Michael Palmer has written a medical suspense, Resistant. It features a group known as One Hundred Neighbors that aren’t really very neighborly. If you have a little time, spend it with Greg Iles. The author has written a lengthy novel, Natchez Burning, “the first installment in an epic trilogy that weaves crime, lies, and secrets past and present into a mesmerizing thriller featuring southern mayor and former prosecutor Penn Cage.”  Dig in with a good book.


Keeping You in Stitches

“Taking needle and thread and creating – stitch by stitch – is not only a way to make something to brighten a room or to give to a friend, but it’s also therapeutic.” “With every stitch, it’s an escape into a wonderful world of expression filled with color, texture, and stitches to learn.” An excerpt from Embroidery, 35 Projects to Decorate, Celebrate, and Embellish. This title from Better Homes and Gardens includes step-by-step instructions, easy to follow diagrams, and full-size templates.

And a second title: The editors of CrossStitcher magazine have assembled 255 patterns in the book Gifts to Cross Stitch. Beginners may want to start with the title described earlier because this book is not really designed to be a how-to. It’s a go to; an ideas book with lot’s of colorful photos of gifts for special occasions.

Judith Redline Coopey titles

Author and former librarian Judith Redline Coopey sent a letter recently. Along with her best wishes, she generously donated three of her works of historical fiction for readers to enjoy. Coopey provided a plot summary for each book and they are included here.

“The first [book] Redfield Farm is about the Underground Railroad in southern Pennsylvania prior to the Civil War. It tells of the adventures of a Quaker woman and her brother in rescuing fugitive slaves and sending them on to freedom in Canada.”

“The second, Waterproof, is a novel about the aftermath of the 1889 Johnstown (Pennsylvania) flood. The disaster happened when a dam holding back a lake owned by an exclusive club of Pittsburgh millionaires failed and destroyed the city of Johnstown, killing almost 3,000 people.”

“The third, Looking for Jane, will be perhaps most interesting to the Lone Rock Library patrons because Bear Valley is featured in it.  It is the coming of age story of a fifteen year old foundling with a cleft palate who runs away from the convent where she was raised, finds a dime novel about Calamity Jane and decides that Calamity Jane is her mother. She goes west from Pennsylvania to Deadwood, South Dakota, looking for Jane. I won’t tell you how Bear Valley figures in the story, but I think anyone from that area will get a kick out of it.”
Coopey is tending a number of other projects. The writer is working on a second edition of her well known book, Herkimer’s, Holsteins & Cheese: a Brief History of Bear Valley, Wisconsin. This edition will include a list of sources that should prove interesting to history buffs in the area. Coopey’s books are also available on CD and can be purchased through Amazon. To find out more about Judith Redline Coopey, visit her website, www.judithredlinecoopey.com.

VHS Available

There’s more room for fiction titles here at the library!  We’ve cleared out our adult VHS collection, and placed them on a table for giveaway!  Over 100 videos are now available including titles such as Waiting to Exhale, Father’s Little Dividend (with Spencer Tracy), Lost in Space (the 1998 version), Enemy of the State, Skylark, and many others.  Stop in and fill up a bag with your picks!

New Titles Just In

A number of donations have come in recently including several Robert Ludlum, and Robert B. Parker titles.  We are making room for books and Books on CD by removing adult videotapes from our collection.  Stop by and check out the videos freely available!

More Great Stuff

The book John Quincy Adams by historian Harlow Unger is new and available. The son of John and Abigail Adams, John Quincy served five presidents before he served as the sixth president of the United States (1825-1829).  Unger studied Adams’ family papers, his correspondence, his diary of 68 years, as well as other source materials to create what the Library Journal calls a “stirring” and “irresistible” account of the life of John Quincy Adams.

Published by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press is the book, Badger Boneyards: the Eternal Rest of the Story (2010), by journalist Dennis McCann.  McCann meandered through many Wisconsin graveyards, and survived to share these notes and stories.

New Titles

Just in ~
John Wayne: the Legend and the
Man is an oversized picture book featuring over 250 pages of Wayne as family man, actor, director and American icon.

Ribbonwork Gardens by Christen Brown is a visual guide to flowers, leaves, and garden extras made from “a variety of ribbons, construction techniques and embellishments”.  Directions for each flower provide general instructions, color photos, measurements and ribbon suggestions. Eye-catching chapters feature cottage garden flowers, urban garden flowers, grandmothers’ garden flowers and many other creations from the author/artist.